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UO Protocol

The following information is mainly created based on the information from The Wolfpack Hackers' Guide and Kair Packet Guide. See also:

All known commands will be documented including obsolete packets. Please fill in the reasons for that and the corresponding version information. Also the version (date) of the first occurrence of new packet-types can be interesting.

Data Types

BYTE   8-bit unsigned
SBYTE  8-bit signed
BOOL   8-bit boolean (0x00=False, 0xFF=True)
CHAR   8-bit single ASCII character
UNI    16-bit single unicode character
SHORT  16-bit signed
USHORT 16-bit unsigned
INT    32-bit signed
UINT   32-bit unsigned

There seems to be no float data because of performance considerations.

Game Packets Structure

  • Create Character (0x00)
  • Disconnect Notification (0x01)
  • Move Request (0x02)
  • Talk Request (0x03)
  • GodMode Toggle (0x04)
  • Attack Request (0x05)
  • Double click (0x06)
  • Pick up Item(s) (0x07)
  • Drop Item(s) (0x08)
  • Single click (0x09)
  • PACKET_EDIT (0x0A)
  • Stat window info (0x11)
  • Request Skill/Action/Magic Usage (0x12)
  • Equip Item Request (0x13)
  • Follow (0x15)
  • Object Information (0x1A)
  • Login Confirmation (0x1B)
  • Send Text (0x1C)
  • Delete Object (0x1D)
  • Teleport Player (0x20)
  • Character Move Reject (0x21)
  • Character Move ACK/ Resync Request (0x22)
  • Drag Item (0x23)
  • Draw Container (0x24)
  • Add Item to Container (0x25)
  • Kick Player (0x26)
  • Get Item Failed (0x27)
  • Clear Square (0x28)
  • Paperdoll Clothing Added (0x29)
  • Toggle GodMode Reply (0x2B)
  • Death/Resurrection (0x2C)
  • Equip Item (0x2E)
  • Fight Occurring (0x2F)
  • Pause/Resume Client (0x33)
  • Get Player Status (0x34)
  • Send Skills/Lock state (0x3A)
  • Buy Item(s) (0x3B)
  • Items in Container (0x3C)
  • Personal Light Level (0x4E)
  • Overall Light Level (0x4F)
  • Login Reject (0x53)
  • Play Sound Effect (0x54)
  • Login Complete (0x55)
  • Plot Course (0x56)
  • Time (0x5B)
  • Pre Login (0x5D)
  • Set Weather (0x65)
  • Book Contents (0x66)
  • Targeting Cursor Commands (0x6C)
  • Play Midi Music (0x6D)
  • Character Animation (0x6E)
  • Secure Trading (0x6F)
  • Graphical Effect (0x70)
  • Bulletin Board Message (0x71)
  • Request War Mode Change/Send War Mode status (0x72)
  • Ping message (0x73)
  • Open Buy Window (0x74)
  • Rename Character (0x75)
  • New Subserver (0x76)
  • Update Player (0x77)
  • Draw Object (0x78)
  • Object Picker (0x7C)
  • Client response to Dialog (0x7D)
  • Login Request (0x80)
  • Login Denied (0x82)
  • Delete Character (0x83)
  • Resend Characters After Delete (0x86)
  • Open Paperdoll (0x88)
  • Corpse Clothing (0x89)
  • Connect to Game Server (0x8C)
  • Map message (0x90)
  • Game Server Login (0x91)
  • Book Header (0x93)
  • Dye Window (0x95)
  • House/Boat Placement (0x99)
  • Console Entry Prompt (0x9A)
  • Request Help (0x9B)
  • Sell List (0x9E)
  • Sell Reply (0x9F)
  • Select Server(0xA0)
  • Update Current Health (0xA1)
  • Update Current Mana (0xA2)
  • Update Current Stamina (0xA3)
  • Client Machine info (0xA4)
  • Open Web Browser (0xA5)
  • Tip/Notice window (0xA6)
  • Request Tips/Notice (0xA7)
  • Game Server List (0xA8)
  • Characters/Starting Locations (0xA9)
  • Attack Request Reply (0xAA)
  • Gump Text Entry Dialog (0xAB)
  • Gump Text Entry Dialog Reply (0xAC)
  • Unicode speech request (0xAD)
  • Unicode Speech message (0xAE)
  • Display Death Animation (0xAF)
  • Send Gump Menu Dialog (0xB0)
  • Gump Menu Selection (0xB1)
  • Chat Message (0xB2)
  • Open Chat Window (0xB5)
  • Send Help/Tip Request (0xB6)
  • Help/Tip Data (0xB7)
  • Request Char Profile (0xB8)
  • Client Features (0xB9)
  • Quest Arrow (0xBA)
  • Ultima Messenger (0xBB)
  • Seasonal Information (0xBC)
  • Client Version Message (0xBD)
  • Misc. Commands Packet (0xBF)
  • Predefined Message (0xC1)
  • Book Info (0xD4)
  • AOS Command (0xD7)
  • Custom House (0xD8)
  • Metrics (0xD9)
  • Mahjong (0xDA)
  • Character Transfer Log(0xDB)
  • Compressed Gump (0xDD)

Patch Server Protocol

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